QBio Feedback Payment

Now that you are ready to experience the benefits of your weekly Quantum Biofeedback program, this is where you start!

Start your monthly membership (Introductory investment of $97/month and one-time purchase of $65 for the Quanta Capsule app) – The monthly plan includes a weekly Quantum Biofeedback scan, a report of the scan, what frequencies were applied and the harmonizing frequencies sent directly to your Quanta Capsule after each scan. The Quanta Capsule is an app that installs on your device that allows me to send your personalized, harmonizing frequencies weekly (or as often as your plan is set for). You also upload your voice recording and photo directly from the app. Families can share the app and use it to experience their own personalized playlist. It includes amazing fractals to visually enjoy the frequencies too.

If you have multiple family members who also want to experience the benefits of weekly biofeedback, contact me for family plan pricing.