What results have clients had?

“My shoulder pain is completely resolved. It took a while but now it’s gone.  I felt very relaxed in a way I have not before. At the same time I felt very energized.”
– D.S.

“I am so grateful to Gayle Nielsen, I had extreme pain in my legs and was excepting the fact that I would have to live with the pain. I went to see her a couple months ago and can’t believe the difference. I feel so much better now. She is passionate about what she does and it shows. I would recommend any one having pain to keep an open mind and try this.”
– Deb N.


Hi Gayle, just wanted to let you know that the hypnosis sessions on my crew worked wonders! We watched a movie that had snakes in it last night and normally XXXX would have gone nuts. He didn’t even react! XXXXX is doing great and my outlook has become much more positive. Thank you x 1000! Happy 2018!
— M.G.

“Gayle’s intuition and guidance during the process is one of the huge values of the experience.  When one is overwhelmed and stuck in the mud, it’s often difficult to see far enough in front of your own nose to know a direction to take.  Gayle provides that and gives you tools to use at home that will help sustain that direction and clarity…
…In the end, I can’t recommend Gayle and her services highly enough.  Her care and intuition are second to none and she is also one of those rare individuals that makes you feel better about yourself by just being around her.  Awesome skills, guidance and care!”
– Jeff K.
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“I came in order to tackle my weight issues. I felt I needed to get my head in the right place to make permanent changes. My sessions and recorded sessions relax me and “reprogram” my thought processes! It is part of my overall plan and is working very well.”
– A.K.

“Gayle is a genius and is very knowledgeable about what she does. I trust her and she is very passionate at what she does. … It was way easier to quit (smoking) than I thought it would be. I feel amazing and I truly thank you.”

 “I attended on of Gayle’s workshops for the public on hypnosis. Her attention & enthusiasm were contagious & I returned a month later for a session.”

“Still not smoking and not going crazy! LOL…. I feel better equipped to handle stressful times.”

“I tried not to have expectations. …  After receiving two sessions I felt new pathways of awareness into my deeply entrenched mental/emotional patterns. …  You do what you do very well. … You rock, Gayle!”